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Cat Poo Coffee, Yum?

I was taking a look at the MSN homepage and something caught my eye. Under popular searches, there was a search for  “Cat Poo Coffee.” Of course, I had to click on it!

In the article by NYDailyNews, the most expensive cup of coffee (at $30) is the “Kopi Luwak” which comes from the feces of civets. The reason for the high price of the cup of coffee is because just for a pound it can range from $300 to $600 dollars due to the processing of getting the coffee beans.

What is a civet? A civet is a small mammal that lives in certain areas in  Asia and Africa. It also looks remotely like a cat. How could you get coffee from civets? Well, one of its favorite things to eat are coffee berries.

It looks like there are a few mixed reviews on this coffee, on the basis of cost and taste of the coffee itself.

What are your thoughts?

Would you pay $30 dollars to drink it?

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