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Have a Sneaky Cat? Get Cat Insurance!

Have you ever wonder why your cats can get into small little places? How the heck they got through the gate where there is only a small opening of? Well, the most logical reason would be is because they lack a true collarbone! Cat’s collarbones do not work the same as humans collarbones so many times, there is no cause for a cat to be constricted, thus allowing themselves  to get into places other animals cannot.

Since cats can get into these little tiny and confined places, there is a risk that can get injured trying to squeeze their way out. The cost of a broken paw can vary depending on whether or not surgery is needed. Without surgery it can cost between $150-$400 dollars. With surgery, it can go as high as to $1,000 or even more! This would all depend on how badly your cat broke its paw, how much medication is needed, and the services your veterinarian provides.

A way to help reduce this potential accident is to have cat insurance. With cat insurance as you know will help out with the expensive vet bill. You never really know when you have to fork over that much money at a given time, but with Trupanion pet insurance – you have the ability to sleep at night knowing that you will be covered.

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