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Heat Threatens Overweight and Over-furry Pets

As some of us (though not us here in Seattle, sigh) welcome the sun and the heat that accompanies summertime, we begin to think about our pets’ safety in the heat.

Though we should all take the appropriate precautions for our pets, we should also be aware that some pets are more vulnerable to heatstroke than others. Overweight pets and pets with long hair, lots of fur, or double coats are all at a greater risk of experiencing adverse health affects from hot weather because they have more insulation.

Signs of heatstroke in pets include excessive panting, a rapid pulse, gastrointestinal issues, and a lack  of coordination. To prevent your pet from any danger, be sure to provide plenty of water and shade and always be conscious of bare paws on hot pavement when going on walks during the day.

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