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Hello Washington

I am new to the Trupanion team and look forward to working with this pet insurance company. I just moved myself, my fiancé, and my two dogs from Connecticut to Washington State. What an adventure! For seven days all four of us (plus luggage) were packed into a Toyota Corolla, on the road up to ten hours a day. We saw a lot of amazing countryside, including the famed Yellowstone National Park, but it was definitely a lot of work to make it all happen as seamlessly as possible.

My Italian Greyhound, Ava, and my Spaniel mix, Jackson, couldn’t be more different. Ava is always cold, sleeps most of the day, hates going for walks or being outside in general, and always likes to be buried under ten layers of blankets. Jackson is always hot, follows us from room to room so he doesn’t miss anything, loves running, and will seek out the coolest part of our hardwood floors to lay on to rest.

But one thing they have in common – they are great travelers. From the moment my fiancé and I adopted these two, they have been put in the car for road trips. While on the East Coast, they traveled everywhere with us – from Washington D.C. to northern Virginia to Portland, Maine. And here on the West Coast, they have already traveled from Central Washington to Puget Sound.

Some things I have found that make these road trips easier:

  • Create a comfy environment. The backseat is Ava and Jack’s oasis. Huge overstuffed dog beds and pillows create a cozy and secure place for them to sprawl out and relax.
  • Stop often. Even though we want to make good time, we systematically stop every few hours to get out and walk the dogs. It really keeps the dogs sane (and us as well!)
  • Keep plenty of water on hand. We moved cross-country in the middle of the summer. It got HOT. But every hour or so, even if we weren’t stopped, I poured some water into a portable water dish for them to lap up and cool down.
  • Have fun! The dogs were the most calm when we were happy and content. As soon as we started stressing about a certain aspect of the trip, the dogs would become anxious. So play games, relax, and have fun on your road trip.
Jackson during a pit stop in Chicago.


Ava relaxing in the car.

I am happy to be on the West Coast and look forward to exploring all it has to offer! Any suggestions for great weekend road trips to take with the dogs?

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