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No Beasts of Burden

I’d guess there are a number of things that the music of the Rolling Stones should not be subjected to, and will say that bossa nova is high on that list.  I occasionally read an economics blog by Barry Ritholtz (, who sometimes on Fridays throws in a post on music:

It all somehow works.

I admit, you must have a musical sense of humor to enjoy these (think Barenaked Ladies). I especially like mixing some of these covers into a playlist, and watching people do double takes, as they try to make sense of the melody they recognize, with the arrangements.

Favorite cut: Beast Of Burden and since this is a double disc, I am adding: Fool To Cry.

He’s had some good stuff there over the years, but this is weird.  Some of it is compelling in a fascinatingly trippy and embarrassingly breathy way, but only in a small dose.

He redeems himself by also mentioning a really fun bluegrass tribute.

Paint It Blue: Songs Of The Rolling Stones: Given how freely the Stones borrowed from American blues greats, it only seems fair that these same blues players cover the Stone’s best known tunes. Somewhere between musically incestuous and ironically absurd, the covers by the bluesman (who influenced the originals) works stunningly well.

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