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Pet Friendly Dining

I’m sure most of us are aware that there are a few restaurants out there that allow us to bring our dogs. Some, we can bring them inside the establishment, others only allow us to tie them up while dining outside.

USA Today posted an article today about the growing number of restaurants going pet friendly and how now, it’s easier than ever to find a restaurant near you to which you can bring your dog!

In this article, they mentioned, a website directory of local restaurants and bars that allow pets. You can search the U.S. and Canada by city and state/province to find all of the locations near you.

I did a quick search for Seattle and found that there are a lot more restaurants than I was expecting!

Each restaurant listing has very limited information– name, address, phone number. However, there is space to provide a review if you’ve had experience at that particular place including a rating system of how pet friendly the place is perceived to be.

Cons of this website: If there are no reviews, it’s difficult to determine the pet friendliness level of the restaurant.

Pros: There are a lot more restaurants listed than most sites that I have seen, some of them with many reviews which are very helpful to gauge whether or not I’d take my dog there.

Overall, a great website to discover new places to take pets! Do you take your pet with you to restaurants?

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