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Pet Friendly Offices: Drafting a Policy

As you may already know from the various photos that are posted on our blog, Facebook, etc. Trupanion is a pet-friendly workplace. We are very lucky pet owners to get to bring our furry companions to work with us every day.

As our company and staff continues to grow, so does the number of dogs in the office each day. When I started at Trupanion, there were 4-5 regular dogs in the office, and then I got my own dog. Now, there are about 15 dogs in the office on a daily basis (with the occasional cat). I counted today, and there are 13 dogs (though there may have been one or two that I missed).

Because our office dog population continues to expand, we have found ourselves at a point at which we need some structure. I have been included on the team of people to draft up some rules, guidelines, and educational materials for dog owners takers. We just finished our second meeting and have begun devising a plan and some rough drafts.

This whole experience has been interesting so far. I have learned that there are a lot of different dog people in the world– some who are dog experts, others are new to the world of dogs, and everywhere in between.

Do you work in a pet-friendly office?

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