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Pet Insurance and Pit Bulls

I remember seeing this policyholder’s blog about a year ago when they wrote it because I receive Google e-mail alerts for anything that mentions Trupanion. It was interesting to read their experience in shopping for pet insurance and how they finally came to settle with Trupanion as their insurer of choice.

Besides their positive review of Trupanion, I really enjoyed reading the rest of the blog which is about their two Pit Bulls and trying to get the world to see the breed in a different light. Though I need no convincing that Pit Bulls are super sweet, loving dogs (there are a couple that come to work [with their owners] here), the rest of the world may not be so easily swayed. This is an everyday challenge faced by dog-parents of Pit Bulls with breed-specific legislation, overexaggerated stories in the media, and more.

What do you think about the current reputation Pit Bulls receive?

*Photo courtesy The Daily Puppy

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