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Camping With Your Pet

Summer is in full swing and many of us have fun weekend adventures marked on our calendars. With summers inviting weather, many of us are tempted to spend more time outdoors. Camping is a great way to spend time outdoors, enjoy the weather, relax, and have some fun with family, friends, and pets.  The beauty of camping is that you can bring your dog along without having to worry about finding a pet-friendly hotel while you vacation.

Last summer I took my dog camping  for the first time and it turned out to be a great success. Although I was a bit nervous at first since it was his first time, I did some research on what to do , expect, and pack for our dog. Prior to heading out to the beautiful mountains out here, I compiled a small list of pet camping essentials and since we are going camping again this weekend with our dog, I thought it would only be appropriate to share some pet camping tips!

What to pack for your pet:

  • Water and Food – Obvious essentials, so make sure to bring enough food and water for your pet while you are camping.
  • Toys – Although your pet may be too busy exploring, sniffing, and running around the camp site, it’s good to bring a toy or two for them to play with if certain bushes, bugs, or other wilderness scents don’t interest them.
  • Long Leash/Cable – A great thing to bring along with you when you camp with your pet, so your dog can run around while you relax, but not run off too far into the woods or into your neighbors camp spot. Last summer I purchased a long cable like leash that you can stake into the ground and it works great. Definitely a good thing to get if you camp with your pet.
  • Glowsticks – Great for putting on your dogs collar so you can see where your dog is once it gets dark outside. We found that the kind that you can snap together to form a circle are great, since it can be like a collar itself.
  • Medications – If your pet requires certain medications, don’t forget to pack them!

Don’t forget that there may be other animals out in the wilderness. If you are in mountain lion or bear country, you should speak with a park ranger to ensure yours and your pets safety. Make sure to prepare for your outdoor adventures carefully so that you can ensure having a fun and safe experience.

Do you have any advice, suggestions, or comments regarding camping with your pet you would like to share? We at Trupanion pet insurance would love to hear about your pet camping experiences!

*Photo courtesy of InHabitat

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