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Pet Insurance Testimonial for Clara the Puppy

Pet Name: Clara
Treated For: Patellar Luxation
Total Repaid:$2,993.32
Time to Process Claims: 7 days

Just weeks before Christmas, our puppy sustained an injury which resulted in luxating patella.  The only option for our dear puppy was surgery with a specialist.  As this was our first Christmas with our new puppy, it was very important to us that she make it home from the animal hospital in time for Christmas. As this was our first claim and the surgery was very expensive, we wanted to make sure that our claim would be approved.  We put in a request for a pre-approval and asked Trupanion if they would expedite it.  Trupanion very graciously expedited our pre-approval which allowed us to get our puppy prompt surgery with an excellent specialist.  We were very impressed with how compassionate the staff at Trupanion was with us and how hard they worked to help us.  We recommend Trupanion to anyone who is seeking quality pet insurance for their beloved pet.  Trupanion is the only pet insurance company that has zero limits.  Our veterinarian bills for luxating patella came to almost $3,800.00 and with the exception of our vet’s and our surgeon’s office visit fees, Trupanion covered 90% of the total bills.  If we had gone with any other pet insurance company, we would have only been reimbursed for a small fraction of our total bills due to their per condition limits and their per year limits.  It’s been nearly 7 months since our dog’s surgery and her knee is as good as new, if not better.  Thank you Trupanion!


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