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Teach Your Dog To Swim

It’s summer time and many of us love to swim in pools and lakes for fun and to cool off. I taught my dog Batman to swim last year for the first time and now he loves it! If you have a young pet or a dog who has not swam much and you’d like to teach them, here are some tips on how to get your pet to enjoy being in the water.

The best way to get your dog to swim is to go out into a pool or lake where you can go in the water with your dog. Being by your dog’s side will increase their confidence and might not make them as nervous. If your dog is nervous, which I remember mine was, just get them excited and sound enthusiastic. If you still have some trouble, try bringing in your dogs favorite toy with you and encourage them to come out. You can even begin tossing the toy short distances and retrieving it yourself so your dog builds confidence. You can also try having another dog out in the water with you that can already swim, because that might ensure your dog that is it safe. If you are still having some trouble, your dog can wear a dog swimming life jacket. They have them in many stores and usually have handles on them so you can easily lift your dog out of the water if need be. They are also really great to have if you take your dog out on a boat.

Hopefully that should work! Just be patient and encourage your dog to join you. Once they do, they shouldn’t be afraid of going in next time and will jump in right after you! Have fun and happy summer everyone!

If you have any pet swimming tips, comments, or experiences you wold like to share, please leave us a comment below! We at Trupanion would love to hear from you!

*Photo courtesy of Hevesham K9 Hydro

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