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Pet News: Montana Town Requires Insurance Against Dogs

Trupanion offers insurance that covers your pet in case veterinary care is necessary. But a town in Montana will now legally require a very different kind of pet insurance: protection for people against dangerous dogs.

The White Sulphur Springs, Montana, city council passed an ordinance requiring owners of Rottweilers, Doberman pinschers, and pit bulls – typically breeds known for their aggressive tendencies – to purchase insurance to cover the medical expenses in case their pets bite or otherwise injure someone.

Those already owning one of these breeds before the ordinance was passed won’t be forced to buy insurance unless their dog is involved in an attack. If a person is injured by a pet who’s owner is without insurance – and the requirement is for $500,000 in liability payments – the pet may be taken into official custody.

Perhaps surprisingly, 56% of respondents to a USA Today poll about the ordinance were in favor of the insurance requirement. It goes along with a trend towards more aggressive laws towards aggressive dogs. Many European countries have begun to ban certain so-called violent breeds of dogs.

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