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Preparing Your Pet Bird For An International Move Part 2

Preparing your bird for flight will be the most stressful part for many people. You will need to check with your airline regarding requirements for airline approved pet carriers. The best choice will be the travel carriers that the airlines sell. This way you will know at check in that your container is approved for aviation. Having this carrier a couple of months before hand if possible will be a good idea. You will want to coax your bird into the container and teach it that it’s a safe place to be. A couple of weeks prior to the trip use the travel container as a sleep cage during the night. This will ensure that your bird is comfortable and less phobic of going into the travel carrier.

Food and water will also be required for your bird in the travel carrier. A water bottle is almost necessary for this type of trip. If your bird is not water bottle trained than teaching it to use a bottle is a must beforehand. If you have a layover then you will be able to spend some time with your feathered companion giving it a little of reassurance and a chance to stretch.

Finally, upon arrival several countries require a 30 quarantine of most animals. This will also need to be planned in advanced and will also require paper work and additional funds.

If all of this sounds complicated and scary to you that is because it is! Moving is stressful and planning this type of move can take a lot out of you. There are alternatives to doing this yourself. Using an international pet relocation service will remove all of the red tape for you and arrange everything you need to complete the move. It may cost you some extra money but it could preserve you sanity.

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Joe Wiedenbeck is the Co-owner of The Pampered Parrot and an avian caregiver. You can learn more about The Pampered Parrot by visiting his home page.

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One Response to Preparing Your Pet Bird For An International Move Part 2

  1. Elena Croddy says:

    I am trying to move my cockatiel from Philadelphia, USA to Munich, Germany.
    Do you know of the name of a reliable international pet service who can do that?

    Thank you!

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