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Socializing Your Dog in a New City

Playdates are fun for pet and owner.

I’ve moved around a lot in the last several years, and each time I move to a new city or town, one of my main concerns is finding a place to socialize my two dogs. It’s important for me to find other dog lovers in my community to socialize with as well. It’s nice to meet people with shared interests, and people who don’t mind that where I go, my dog goes.

One of my main resources has become Each time I move to a new area, I log into Meetup and search for ‘dog’ or ‘Italian Greyhound’ (the breed of one of my dogs) near my zip code. Whether I’m in a big city or a small town, I always find at least a couple of groups to join that share my interests. I meet with these groups and attend playdates with the dogs, and in doing so, I have created some very special relationships.

Other avenues to try when you move to a new area:

  •  Enter your new address in Google and then search for dog parks nearby.
  • Visit the local community center or junior college and see if there are classes that you and your dog can take together, such as agility classes or walking clubs.
  • Call local doggie daycares and ask if they host playdates. Many do.

If you’re new to your area or moving to a new town, try these ideas and report back with how it worked for you. And if you have any additional resources to share, pass them along!

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