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Top 10 Beach Safety Tips for Pups


The weather’s getting warmer and more folks are headed to the beach (yay)!

If you decide to bring Fido along for some beachy fun, let him romp in the sand and water and chase the waves, but please remember these top pet safety tips when bringing your dog to the beach.


  1. Provide plenty of fresh water. Your dog may easily become dehydrated on a hot day, and especially at a saltwater beach. Be sure he has plenty of cold water to drink to keep his thirst at bay and also cool him down.
  2. Make sure your pet has a shaded area to lay. Dogs can’t take off their coats when they get hot, so be sure that they have a sanctuary to go and cool off.
  3. Never leave pets unattended in the car. You should know this by now! Even on a mildly warm, 70-degree day, a car can heat up to over 100 degrees.
  4. Use pet-friendly sunscreen on pets with short hair or bald spots, ears, nose, and belly. Pets can get sunburns too, so be sure to keep their skin protected.
  5. Best to find a spot on the grass – sand can get very hot to walk on and burn animals’ paw pads. On really hot days, it might be best to leave Fido at home rather than making him trudge through scalding sand. If it’s too hot for your bare feet, it’s too hot for his paw pads.
  6. Buy a pet life jacket if your pet plans on going in the water. Though many dogs are capable of swimming, it doesn’t mean they enjoy it. Give them a rest (swimming is tiring!) and put on a life vest so that they can enjoy some smooth sailing if they go into the water.
  7. Thoroughly rinse pets who have been swimming in salt water. Licking the salt water off himself can cause dehydration to your dog and even make him sick. Keep Fido clean and fresh after a salty bath.
  8. Opt to take pets to the beach in the morning or late evening or on cooler days. Your dog will have an easier time enjoying himself if the temperatures are more comfortable.
  9. Allow pets to stay home or in a cooler/air conditioned place during the heat of the day. If temperatures are high outside, it may be best to leave your pets at home.
  10. Lastly– HAVE FUN! Encourage your dogs to chase, fetch, romp, swim, splash, play, run, and enjoy themselves!


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