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Trupanion Pet Insurance Made It Possible

Trupanion Pet Insurance made it possible for Louis and I to live happily ever after…

Louis, my 6-month-old toy poodle pup, was urinating all over the place, including on himself.  This of course was wrecking havoc on our lives.  I never considered myself the type of person who would have a non-housebroken pup.  I started crate training immediately, I followed my trainers rules religiously, and I read “Way to Go” by Patricia McConnell several times from cover to cover.  I was doing everything right!

Finally, after a discussion with a coworker, I took Louis in to see the vet. The vet did some blood work tests, urine tests, x-rays and that’s when Louis was diagnosed with a congenital disorder that made it impossible for him to hold his urine.  He was going to need surgery right away.

I had already spent a small fortune on the aforementioned procedures, but now he was going to have surgery on top of it!  I was definitely worried about Louis, but I was starting to freak out about all of the medical bills.  A million questions started going through my mind.  Could I afford for Louis to get this surgery?  Will he get better?  Has he been suffering this whole time? There was never any doubt that I would have the surgery performed, so I took the boy in. Louis was insured by Trupanion and his policy was (hopefully) about to pay for itself.

The claim process was SO easy, there is only one sheet to fill out!  The vet fills out the bottom portion of the claim sheet and they fax it in.  I received an email the same day the form was faxed.  Later, I received another email letting me know that my claim had been processed and approved!  That was it! It was so simple, it surpassed my expectations of what dealing with an insurance company is all about.  All of this happened in a span of less than one week.  Now my check is in the mail, my dog is urinating outside and I couldn’t be happier!

Trupanion really came through for me.  I hoped I would never need to use the policy and I even had people tell me that it was a waste of money.  Thank goodness I didn’t listen to them.  Pet Insurance is something that we never want to use, but the alternative to having no coverage could have meant that Louis’ surgery would be delayed until I had the funds to cover the costs.  No pet should have to suffer with any disease or injury because of financial reasons.  Louis surgery cost $1000 and trupanion covered 90% or $900!

Louis disorder was a not an emergency, but imagine if the unthinkable happened: a broken leg, cancer, an infection.  Nobody plans for these things, but they happen every day to unsuspecting pet parents and their beloved family pets. If you have an uninsured pet, I urge you to at least look into your options.

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