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Cat insurance for American Curl Cats!

It looks like the American Curl breed began in June 1981 in California. Grace Ruga randomly had two cats appear on her front doorstep one day and she named one of them Shulamith (the other cat ran off). Shulamith gave birth to a litter of kittens. At first these kittens looked like any other breed of cat but as they got older and within a few days, their ears started to curl and become firm. After a few months, these ears will continue to harden and stay put the rest of their life.

Physical Characteristics: When it comes to the body, American Curls are slim and are somewhat muscular. Their known ears, have a curl that varies between an 90 degree and 180 arc. It is surprisingly flexible even thought it looks hard. It is difficult to not make eye contact because of their walnut-shaped eyes are so large and breath-taking. The coat lays flat onto the body and the texture is fine but yet silky.

Personality Characteristics: American Curls have similar characteristics to dogs. In fact, you are able to teach and play “fetch” with your cat! They are also pretty social and very involved in their owner’s life. They like to be playful and are a great breed for a family with other pets. They are pretty friendly towards to strangers and pretty energetic when there is a new person in the room.

Overall as a breed, American Curls are pretty healthy cats but that really shouldn’t stop you from enrolling them with cat insurance. You just don’t know when they will get into an accident or badly injured!

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Photo Courtesy of: All Breeds of Cats

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