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Cat insurance for Obese Cats

So as many of you know, obesity can be quite easy for a cat, especially an indoor cat. Some indoor cats like to lounge on the couch or curl right up next to you. Some hours of the day are spent sleeping while you are away at work. Other hours are spent grooming themselves. As you can see, the life of a cat is pretty easy and it is not hard for cats to put on an extra few pounds.

There can be a few health problems if your cat is obese, so it is in all of our best nature to take great care of our cats. Make sure you’re feeding your kitty the best of the best cat food there is. There is also an option for lower calorie cat food but make sure you feed your cat in a timely manner. Don’t feed them at random times!  Also playing with your cat definitely reduces the weight gain. Constant movement will help not only energize your cat but also energize you as well!

Obese cats are no laughing matter. It can lead to some serious health problems like diabetes, arthritis, and hepatic lipidosis. Hepatic lipidosis involves a surplus of lipids in the liver which can at times be at fatal for cats.

Get cat insurance for not only obese cats but keep cat insurance handy for any other health problems! Remember, Trupanion doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions, so get cat insurance before your kitty becomes obese! (Hopefully it never does!)

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