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Cost of Pet Health Care Weighs on Pet Owners

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Pet owners worry when veterinary costs increase.

A recent study conducted by The Associated Press and indicates that money is a factor in deciding how far pet owners will go with pet heath care. For example, while 62% of pet owners say they would pay for a veterinary bill of $500, only 42% would pay a bill of $1,000, 35% for a bill of $2,000, and only 22% for a bill of $5,000.

However, according to the study, 95% of pet owners lack pet insurance. Pet insurance can help ease pet owners’ worries when it comes to paying expensive vet bills. Trupanion pays 90% of veterinary bills, has no dollar limit on the cost of care if your pet becomes sick or injured, and your premiums won’t increase due to your pet aging. All this gives you peace of mind that if your veterinary bill meets that $1,000, $2,000, or $5,000 mark, you will be able to give your beloved pet the care he or she needs without worrying about your pocketbook.

But many times, a pet owner only becomes a believer in pet insurance when his pet becomes seriously ill and he sees his veterinarian’s bill. Unfortunately, at that time, it’s too late. If you pet becomes sick, after which you invest in pet insurance, whatever caused the illness will be considered a pre-existing condition, and won’t be covered. Of course, if the pet owner had insured his pet before the sickness, all costs associated with it would be covered for the life of the pet.

Always remember that it’s in your best interest to insure your pet as early as possible. Don’t wait until you need it to consider it, because by then it could be too late.

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