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Dog DNA Testing: Part 1

I’m sure you’ve heard of dog DNA testing. Have you ever done it? Or know someone who has?

We were curious and decided to give it a try here in the office to see how the process works and let you know what we think!

Our DNA test kit

The test from Canine Heritage Breed Test just arrived in the mail today, and I was surprised at how compact and simple it is! It’s just a few pieces of paper and a mouth swab. I filled out the form which mainly consisted of contact information, dog’s name, etc. There is a little card with directions and images of exactly how to swab your dog’s mouth. So far, super user-friendly!

Another card has a check-list of all the steps you need to take for the entire process and even a space to write down your individual test number. What I thought was neat is that you have the option to upload a photo of your dog to their website and that photo will be printed on your “Certificate of DNA Breed Analysis”.

Time to swab!

Swabbing her mouth (not the tongue!)

I spun the swab brush around Ellie’s cheek a couple of times. It seemed to tickle her, but she didn’t really mind. Put the stick back into the package and into the envelope along with the submission form.

Ellie even relieved me the duty of licking the envelope!

Ellie licked the envelope

Off it goes in the mail!

Stay tuned for next time! (I wonder how long it’s going to take…)

What breed am I?

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