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Featured Pet Insurance Review – Very Highly Recommended!

10/10 Very Highly Recommended!
My Bernese Mountain Dog was getting older, and I had been thinking about pet insurance for awhile. I did some research, and settled on Trupanion for a number of reasons – there were no disease caps (just a lifetime cap of $20,000, which they’ve apparently now gotten rid of), the reimbursement was 90% compared to the 70 or 80% of other plans, and the premiums were the same or even less than other plans for better coverage. I signed up with Trupanion in January. In February, I took my dog in for some vomiting after eating an old bone, and in March for his annual physical. In April I took him back for a dental cleaning, and they noticed some swelling on his toe. Some testing revealed a cancerous mast cell tumor. After consulting with oncologists at a major veterinary hospital in Boston, he had surgery to amputate the toe. I was worried that Trupanion would call this a pre-existing condition, and steeled myself for having my claim rejected, knowing at least how human health insurance companies work. But I went ahead anyway – filled out the one-page form, had my vet sign, got a copy of his records since it was my first claim, and attached the invoices and sent it off – the process was very easy. A week later, the claim was approved and reimbursement sent without any argument. Unfortunately, the biopsy and other testing after the surgery revealed some cancer cells on the two adjacent toes, so he had a three-week course of radiation, which was hugely expensive.
Chris E.

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