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“I love my pet’s face” Giveaway – Honorable Mentions

This week’s giveaway was tons of fun because we got to see so many cute and silly pictures of your pets’ faces! They were all fantastic photos, but just to mention a few:

"I love how we always seem to catch Leah mid-yawn so her pictures turn out like this. I like to think it's just her own Elvis impression. :)" - Jessica S.

"We love EVERYTHING about Sagira but the thing that caught my eye was her beautiful blue eyes. She has one full blue eye and one 1/2 brown and 1/2 blue eye, but they are breath taking in person." - Christina B.

"I love Praline's "Phantom of the Opera" face and her little grouchy mouth." - Paula G.
"darwin has a gap between her front and back teeth that makes a perfect slot for her tongue to rest. i love it." - Brooke A.
"This is Harlequen. She got her name because her full mask or markings didn't come in. She is 6yrs. young. When I look at that face I can't help,but love her." - Julie K.

And the winner of the random drawing:

"We love this one because, she looks like a little black mouse and we think shes an absolute doll in the picture." - Terri W.

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