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Pet Friendly Offices: Drafting a Policy Part 2

We continue with our “dog meetings” (as we call them) to devise a plan for distributing educational materials and setting rules and guidelines for bringing pets into the Trupanion pet insurance office.

Yesterday, we had another meeting to go over materials that we had collectively put together and to make some final edits and updates before it goes to print!

In case your pet-friendly office would like some suggestions, here is what we’ve come up with:

Cubicle doggie
  • A basic questionnaire for everyone who brings (or will bring) a pet to work to outline the pet’s behavior, age, socialization, friendliness, etc.
  • Basic guidelines and rules
  • An educational packet including different aspects of dog behavior such as aggression, socialization, potty training, guarding, etc.
  • A liability waiver
  • Quarterly training sessions in which a professional dog trainer will visit our office and teach everyone about basic dog behavioral traits to be aware of and help us deal with any current issues

We’ll see how it progresses as it reaches more employees and receives their feedback!

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