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Pet Health Concerns: Recalled Pet Food

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Pet food recalls hit again.

Once again, the pet world has been hit with a rash of pet food recalls. And this time, it seems that even buying high-end food for your pet doesn’t make you immune. The Proctor & Gamble Company has expanded its pet food recall to include the following veterinary and specialized dry pet food:

* Iams Veterinary Dry Formulas (All dry sizes and varieties)
* Eukanuba Naturally Wild (All dry sizes and varieties)
* Eukanuba Pure (All dry sizes and varieties)
* Eukanuba Custom Care Sensitive Skin (All dry sizes)

Although no salmonella-related illnesses caused by the above-mentioned brands have actually been reported, the FDA and Proctor & Gamble did determine that products made at the facility that housed these brands had the potential for salmonella contamination, and made the voluntary recall.

Salmonella poisoning can vary in degree. It can be mild, causing slight gastrointestinal pain, or very severe, causing fever, vomiting and bloody diarrhea. It can even lead to death. If you fear your pet may have salmonella poisoning, contact your vet immediately.

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