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Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Esophageal Stricture

You may have seen our posting on Facebook or Twitter earlier this week about Rufus the Pug who had a substantially large claim.

Rufus recently needed treatment for esophageal stricture. It occurs when the esophagus narrows and the animal has difficulty swallowing. Symptoms may also include lack of appetite, weight loss, wheezing sounds, excessive drooling, regurgitation, and crying while trying to swallow.

It may be the caused by esophageal surgery, cancer, back-flow of stomach contents or persistent vomiting. Treatment includes assessing the cause of the situation and re-hydrating the pet.

There were about 10 different claim invoices for this particular incident, so it would be a bit of work to determine the exact co-pay, exam fees, other unrelated charges that weren’t covered. But I did add up the total invoice amounts and the total amount that we repaid.

Pet insurance claim amount (for all claims): $14,175.22
Trupanion repaid: $12,533.31

Fortunately, we just removed the $20,000 lifetime limit from our pet insurance policy which means that Rufus’ owners can continue to give him the best possible veterinary care as needed without having to worry about expenses.

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