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Rattlesnakes, Porcupines & Your Dog or Cat – Trupanion

Princess, a Cocker Spaniel, recently had an unfortunate incident with a rattlesnake! Luckily, her owners had her insured so their wallets didn’t have to feel as much of a bite.

The poor girl was very disoriented, was panting rapidly, and on the verge of paralysis when admitted to the veterinary hospital. She went into critical care and needed various fluids, medications, and blood work.

Scary enough, this was not the first time that the owners of Princess have experienced a pet getting bit by a rattlesnake.

Pet insurance claim amount: $9,234.15
Deductible applied: -$0.00
Exam fees: -$95.48
10% co-pay: -$913.87
Trupanion repaid: $8,224.80

Pet insurance helps to cover the costs of the unexpected. You never know if your dog or cat might have a run-in with a rattlesnake, porcupine, or other dangerous wild animal!

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