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Pet Tricks: Teach Your Pet To "Say Hello"

Teaching your pet tricks is a really great way to interact with your pet and can help you strengthen your bond while having fun together. Teaching your pet tricks is an excellent outlet for having fun, increasing your pets confidence, and for improving overall pet health. This week, let’s learn how to teach our pets the “say hello” trick!

To begin this trick, start by sitting in a chair. Grab your dog’s favorite treat and place your hand on your lap and encourage your dog to come over and get it from you. Right after your dog’s chin touches your leg, say “Say Hello!”. Then say “OK” or something along those lines and give your dog the treat after he or she lifts their head from your leg.

Repeat several times and on a daily basis until your dog learns. Remember to be patient and have fun!

If you have taught your pet this trick, we would love to hear about any advice, tips, experiences, or comments you may have! Leave us a comment below!

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