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Pet of the Week: Bella the Boston Terrier – Trupanion

Bella in the car (notice her Trupanion tag!)

Meet Bella, the Boston Terrier who loves to take rides in the car!

” Our sweet little Bella is 10 months old.  She loves homemade peanut butter treats and we’ve found Cheerios work well with her for training rewards.  She hates getting a bath and demands peanut butter afterwards as her special treat.

Even just being a puppy we can not find a suitable toy that she can’t destroy.  This dog has a knack at tearing up her toys (thank goodness it’s only toys that are being ripped apart 😉 She likes to sleep in her crate, but on the dot at 6:30 a.m. she wakes up and we let her crawl in the bed with us.  She is an excellent snuggler.

I read about Boston Terriers a lot before we went to the breeder – they say Boston’s are very catlike.  I believe that 100%.  She loves to sit in your lap and let you stroke her fur and she loves it when we take pillows to form a tent and she will bury herself underneath.

She loves to push those really big playground type balls all over the back yard.  We have to be careful of my rosebush though – it’s already deflated a couple of the balls.  We also discovered after our son’s birthday party that she likes to pop the balloon up in the air with her nose.  We drop the balloon and she pops it back up to us.  It’s very funny.

One unique thing (well unique to our friends – we think it’s genius!) is that we hung a bell next to the back door and trained Bella to ring the bell everytime she needs to go out for the potty.  This helps to have no scratching on the door and/or barking to get out.  It’s worked very well and she got the hang of it by the time she was 3-4 months old. ”

Bella sounds like a smart little puppy! Leave her a comment with your thoughts 🙂

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