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Project DOG – continued

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The following post comes to you from our Project DOG guest blogger Kira Stackhouse:

Hi it’s me, Kira the dog photographer again…. Here to tell you more about Project DOG! As I mentioned in my previous post, I believe there to be a great divide between dog people, hence my desire to create a project that would bring everyone together.

The goal of Project DOG is to have a book published, featuring a purebred and rescue dog of each breed. The active centerpiece of this project is a website that features dog profiles and stories that have been submitted online, via the website and Facebook.  Once all dog breeds have been submitted, the selection will be narrowed down until one purebred and one rescue dog of each breed remains. Both purebred and mixed breed dogs are being considered for the rescue breed.  The dogs will be chosen from 18 US cities – San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Phoenix, Denver, Austin, New Orleans, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Nashville, Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York and Boston.  I’ll be driving around to all of these cities to photograph everyone and get to meet first hand all of the breeds!

What I hope people understand is that Project DOG is much more than just a dog photo book. The process of creating the book is a catalyst that connects people and seeks to initiate dialogue about important issues surrounding dogs and the dog world.  The book is a visual representation of equality and the website, Facebook and Twitter act as the hubs of interactivity.

Since launching Project DOG online in April 2010, I’ve been able to acquire over 700 individual dog submissions, covering over half of the breed list. This response has been purely viral – through Facebook, Twitter and word of mouth.  Each dog submission received with a photo is posted on the website, creating a community of real dogs from across the country. The rescue organization associated with each rescue dog is also posted, and thus far there are over 175 different rescues representing 29 states.

If you have a dog, I invite you to submit him/her for my Project – even if you’re not anywhere near the 18 cities I will be visiting.  Adding your dog to the growing “Project DOG” population helps support a great cause – and together we can support a positive movement that celebrates ALL DOGS.

Check out and submit your dog to Project DOG!

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