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Project DOG

The following post comes to you from our Project DOG guest blogger Kira Stackhouse:

Hello, my name is Kira Stackhouse and I’m a San Francisco-based pet photographer.  Five months ago I embarked on a journey to find and photograph all 173 of the AKC’s recognized dog breeds from around the United States – both a purebred and rescue dog of each breed; an undertaking I call Project DOG. This project has literally taken over my life and I want to tell you a little bit about it. (The AKC is not affiliated with this project).

I got my first puppy a year and a half ago, New Year’s Day 2009.  I never thought I would consider myself a dog person since I grew up with cats.  Now I understand the dog craze.  The past year and a half have been a total whirlwind, and I’ve learned a lot about myself, about dogs, and about “dog people”.

One of the things I’ve learned pretty quickly from being in the “dog scene” in San Francisco is that rescue-dog and purebred-dog people don’t really mix.  On occasion you’ll meet the rare person who has one of each (purebred/rescue) but most people are either one or the other.  The unspoken angst between these two parties bothered me, especially since I support animal welfare and regularly volunteer at nonprofits, and I found myself having to defend myself simply for having a purebred dog.

This is the reason why I decided to start Project DOG. I wanted to create a compelling “project” that not only visually illustrated equality between rescue and purebred dogs, but also brought together people into the same space to share their stories and experiences.  Project DOG is about celebrating dogs – and the one common bond that everyone shares – LOVE OF DOGS.

Do you think dog people are divided?  Why or why not? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Check out and submit your dog to Project DOG!


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