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The Costs of Owning a Dog

A financial website recently posted an article about the cost of owning a dog. It is fairly accurate and offers a lot of great information, however, they forgot to mention pet insurance!

Of course, you need food, toys, supplies and all of the basics when you own a dog. Veterinarian checkups and regular preventives are key, and spaying and neutering is a great idea as it lowers your pet’s chance of a few diseases and also prevents unwanted pregnancies.

But what is your plan for unexpected vet bills? Will you rely on your credit card or bank account? Are you going to hope for the best that nothing will happen?

The thing is, we can’t know when our pet will come down with an illness or accidentally get injured. That’s why pet insurance exists. We have other types of insurance to protect us from the unforeseeable, so why not get insurance for the most important things in our lives– our pets?

When calculating the cost of your pet, consider adding an additional $25-$40 per month for pet insurance so that you aren’t forced to budget for a spontaneous $3,000 vet bill.

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