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Tips For Buying Pet Insurance

We are loving the fact that pet insurance is popping up in the news more and more these days. Is it because more people are realizing how expensive veterinary treatments can be? Who knows.

Anyway, I recently read an article provided by the Chicago Tribune titled “Tips for buying pet insurance” and decided to provide a few of my own tips.

  • Get free quotes. I know it sounds simple, but this is a simple way to quickly determine the price range for how much your pet(s) will cost per month. Once you have a good ballpark, you can determine which add-ons and adjustments you want to make.
  • Look for rate increases. Does the plan increase your rates each time you file a claim? Do the rates increase every time your pet has a birthday to keep up with his age?
  • Look at exclusions. All policies exclude pre-existing conditions, but most have other exclusions as well. Does the plan cover hereditary and congenital disorders? Does it cover cancer?  What else is excluded?
  • Look at limits. Most plans have some sort of limitations, such as $X per claim, $Y per year, or $Z per incident. Find out what these limits are and if they will be enough should your pet come down with a chronic condition and require extensive treatment within the first year.

We have a very comprehensive pet insurance comparison chart on our website – take a look to compare plans all in one place!

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