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Top 10 Most Expensive Pet Insurance Claims for July

There seems to be a theme among the top pet insurance claims from July: hip dysplasia. If you’re getting a new puppy, we highly recommend you get hip dysplasia coverage as these procedures can be expensive.

Another thing to note: The most expensive claim for July was for a cat!

  1. Liver issues – suspected portosystemic shunt
  2. Accident: Pancreatic damage from dog bite wound
  3. Illness: Hip dysplasia
  4. Accident: Bilateral ACL rupture
  5. Illness: Hip dysplasia
  6. Illness: Hip dysplasia
  7. Illness: Intervertebral disc disease
  8. Illness: Hepatopathy (liver disease), portosystemic shunt
  9. Illness: Compression myelopathy (destruction of spinal cord tissue caused by pressure)
  10. Illness: Disc extrusion (when a disc breaks through the fibrous enclosure surrounding it)

The cost of these claims ranged from $5,000 to $7,500. A single claim made pet insurance worth it for these pet owners!

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