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Update on Enzo the Pug with Myelopathy

This just in! Remember Enzo the Pug who was featured as one of our pet insurance claims of the week? We received an e-mail from Edward, the owner to update us on how the little guy is doing!

Two things really quick, Enzo is doing very well, I just wanted to let everyone know. He is no longer confined to cage rest, and his fur is growing back nicely. He is even sweeter than before, probably because he thought he was going to be in that cage forever! Anyways, I definitely wanted to thank the team at Trupanion again for the wonderful service. Enzo has one more follow up in about 5 months where they will do a CT scan to ensure he is structurally sound, which he appears to be. He is playing and walking around far better than before surgery and already appears to be at about 75-80% of a normal pug. We are going to be putting him in the pool for some rehabilitation therapy at our new place, but we really couldn’t ask for a better outcome than what has transpired thus far.

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