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Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet Week

This week, we recognize those pets that are a little less likely to be rescued from the shelter.

Tucker, our senior dog

If you’ve been looking to adopt a new pet, how about adopting a senior pet? Most people who rescue are looking for puppies, kittens, or younger pets, but what about the other group of pets that are “over the hill”? They, too, deserve a good home for those last few years they’ve got left, and they will give you so much love in return.

The following is a success story (my own!) about adopting a senior pet:

Ever since I was born, my family had had a dog. My first dog was a year older than me and she lived to be some 15 years old. We had taken in a stray when I was about 10, so we had two dogs for a while. The second dog passed away when I was 17 and this was the first time in my whole life that we had no dogs. Our house was so quiet and empty seeming. It was really depressing.

We decided that we were going to get a puppy, but my mom wanted to wait a few months until we (kids) were on summer break so we could spend lots of time raising the pup. This was still a few months away, and we were desperate for canine companionship so we started looking around Petfinder. We specifically searched through the senior dogs to see if we could give an old dog a few last months (maybe a year or two) in a good, happy home.

We came across a small beagle mix called Jingles and knew he was the one for us right away. After driving 3-4 hours to the shelter, we met with the little guy who they kept in their front office. He was extremely sociable, a little slow to get up, balding/hair thinning on his butt and tail, but we could tell right away that he had the biggest heart. On the drive home, we decided to change his name to Tucker, since “Jingles” sounded a little too feline or Christmas-y or something.

Tucker is missing a few front teeth, so his tongue sticks out when he sleeps

We took the stinker home and gave him a bath right away. As the weeks passed, he gained a few pounds (he was underweight before) and got pretty much all of the fur on his butt back, after we learned he was allergic to wheat. His tail remains partially bald to this day… I guess there was no recovering. Our senior dog brought a lot of love and joy to our lives and he is very people friendly and dog friendly.

It has been over six years now, and our “senior” dog is still with us, living at my mom’s house as I have since moved out. 🙂

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