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Featured Pet Insurance Review – Amazing Customer Service

10/10  Amazing Customer Service
I have a 12 year old cat who I love like a child. She has always been healthy but then after her vet died I found out just how expensive vet costs could be (my previous vet had extremely low costs even for major surgery). After pricing the surrounding vets I realized I needed pet insurance. I then began debating whether to cancel the insurance or not especially when funds were tight, but given her age I figured I’d better keep her insured. Well the last few months have been very difficult in our house – our dog died of tumors and internal bleeding and then my cat started getting sick. They diagnosed her with hyperthyroidism but fortunately since she was in the early stages they were able to do the I-131 Radioactive Iodine treatment. Trupanion picked up all covered costs and did so at lightning speed. I had an email with the approval within 3 days of faxing in my claim forms. Every member of their staff I’ve dealt with were so compassionate and genuinely care about the pets they insure. I would highly recommend them for any pet owner that truly loves their pet and would do almost anything for their quality of life.

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