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Guest Post: Cody the Cat

Cody at ComputerThe following post is written by Cody (aka “Wascally Wabbit” or “Rabbit Boy”), the loveable cat of Cat Chat fame.

Hi everybody, it’s me, Cody. My mom is Caren Gittleman, who you might remember from previous guest posts. I’m writing a post today because I need your sympathy. You will never guess what she is doing to me now!

So, I had a sore or two on my head that wasn’t making me feel very good. We went to the Kitty Doctor and he gave me some medicine. They sort of cleared up but then a day or two ago my Mom noticed one of them coming back. The Kitty Doctor said if they got worse to let him know. It was ok yesterday but I must have been scratching when my Mom didn’t see and one of them is a little wet and irritated with blood again.

Rats!! If I had known what was going to happen I never would have scratched it. Being the obsessive-compulsive, neurotic Mom that she is, who does she go and call? Bingo! The Kitty Doctor or the man with the glasses and deceptively smiling face and gentle hands who very soon is going to be inflicting culinary torture. (I know, I heard them plotting their little scheme!)

I always know when Mom is calling him cause she gets all frantic and says “This is Caren Gittleman, Cody’s Mom”, whenever I hear her say that I know I am probably not gonna like what is coming but this time she and the veterinary “Master Chef” are going too far! Hey I love this guy I really do but when you mess with my food you are crossing the line pal! It is an environmental allergy I know it! Don’t go messing with my food!!!

Bottom line is Mom is going to go and get more meds today and she is picking up food made with RABBIT! RABBIT DO YOU HEAR ME? RABBIT!! Poor “Little Rabbit Foo-Foo”. I had NOTHING to do with this! I repeat NOTHING! Uh, Mom, last I looked I don’t live in a feral colony, I am civilized and I want my chicken, beef and treats! Do you hear me?? Treats!!! What, is canned rabbit supposed to be like a rabbit’s foot and bring me good luck? You and the next “Veterinary Food Network Star” need to get over yourselves….and fast! I will not eat “Peter Cottontail!”

Cody's Beautiful FaceTo make matters worse Mom tends to have a kind of sick sense of humor and when she was giving me some of my great food last night (kinda like the “last supper”) she started calling me “Wascally Wabbit” and “Rabbit Boy”…..way to go Mom! Make fun of a cat when he is down! Hey, I love you too chubby (cough, cough) lady, maybe YOU should change YOUR diet and eat some rabbit! What? You don’t want to? Well, that makes two of us!

I am NOT amused!!

Read more about Cody and his mom Caren Gittleman on the blog Cat Chat.

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