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Pet Insurance Bill Passes in California

Pet Health Insurance
California approves pet insurance bill.

For the first time, a pet health care bill has been approved by the California State Assembly that would require pet insurance companies to provide information on their websites about co-pays, lifetime benefit limits and restrictions based on pre-existing conditions. The bill is now under review by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The pet insurance industry has been around since 1982 and this would be the first law that would add regulations to the industry.

Trupanion policyholders already receive the benefits associated with this bill, as we have always believed in being upfront and honest about our policy plan. Our pet insurance FAQ page lists exactly what is and is not covered, including information on pre-existing conditions. Our comparison chart lists the costs and benefits of Trupanion coverage side-by-side seven of our top competitors. We answer all of the questions that the AAHA suggests pet owners ask pet insurance companies on our Provider and Policy Checklist page.

So, we are looking forward to following this bill’s progress, and hoping other states will follow suit. We know it’s important that policyholders understand what they are purchasing to make sure it is the right policy for their beloved pet.

What are some things you like to see on your pet insurance provider’s website? Are there changes we can make to serve you even better?

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