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Pet Insurance Policyholders Donate $100K to Animal-Related Charities

Animals benefit from policyholder donations.

Trupanion policyholders in Canada have donated over $100,000 to charities by registering for Trupanion’s pet charity program.

( September 27, 2010 —Trupanion, North America’s fastest growing pet insurance company, is proud to announce that its policyholders have donated over $100,000 to charities since 2005.

Trupanion offers policyholders in Canada the option to participate in their pet charity program, which allows pet owners the opportunity to give back to their communities and help animals in need. With this program, policyholders can add an additional $3.00 to their monthly premium, 100% of which goes to the selected charity.

Approximately 500 policyholders have opted to join the pet charity program, generating a donation of over $100,000 thus far. Trupanion hopes to continue that momentum.

“It’s always been clear that our policyholders have a passion for pets, but I am pleasantly surprised by their generosity,” said Darryl Rawlings, Chief Executive Officer at Trupanion. “They have helped thousands of animals through their monthly donations; animals that were not as lucky to have such caring owners.”

The three charities from which policyholders are able to choose are The Biscuit Fund for Medical Care, The Farley Foundation, and the Hope for Wildlife Society. The Biscuit Fund is a program of the BCSPCA that helps pay for emergency surgeries, such as animals hit by cars or injured by other animals or people.  The Farley Foundation assists seniors and disabled persons on limited incomes with necessary veterinary treatment of their pets. The Hope for Wildlife Society rehabilitates injured and orphaned wildlife and releases them back into the wild.

Canadian policyholders can enroll or withdraw from the program at any time. Trupanion also plans to add this feature to U.S. policies within the next year. For more information about the pet charity program, contact Trupanion at 800.569.7913.

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