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Pet Travel Lessons Learned: Healthy Pets are Happy Pets

By Caitlin Moore,

Because we’re in the business of moving pets domestically and internationally, here at we encounter lots of caring pet owners constantly striving to do the right thing on behalf of their animal companions. In the process of safely transporting hundreds of furry travelers we have noticed a basic fact: in terms of your pet’s health, steady attention reaps rewards.

In daily life and during special circumstances – such as a transcontinental move – life is easier when you’re well aware of your pet’s physical condition. Knowing when you’re due for a rabies vaccination or heart worm pill, knowing who to call when questions inevitably arise, and knowing what to expect as your pet gets older are all important issues that are better addressed early and head-on rather than hastily or in times of stress.

There are a few ways to keep tabs on the health of your pet, the most important being to maintain a relationship with a trusted veterinarian. It is generally recommended that you bring your pet to the doctor twice a year in order to be aware of potential concerns and to keep track of vaccinations and meds.  Also, when preparing to travel or in a time of emergency, it’s nice to be able to pick up the phone and talk to the right person about anything from paperwork for international pet travel to common animal ailments.

As we’ve learned from Trupanion, more and more pet owners are choosing to insure their pets. The earlier that coverage is secured the better, as you never know when an illness or hereditary condition may present itself. Even if your pet enjoys robust health throughout her life, the peace of mind that goes along with being insured can be worth more than the dollar value of a monthly fee.  Again, we’re used to exercising caution and great care with our clients, so the idea of being prepared for anything that might happen sounds pretty sane to us.

Studies have shown that pets improve the health of their owners, so shouldn’t we make sure our animal companions are well-taken care of in return? Regular vet check-ups, securing health insurance and, of course, showering our furry companions with plenty of love and affection will make life sweeter for everyone involved.

Caitlin Moore is a Marketing Associate at  She can be reached at  Visit to find out more about pet travel, moving with your pets and the door-to-door pet relocation services they provide.

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