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Pets and Distracted Driving

A recent article by CBS highlights the dangers of driving while distracted by pets.

We all know that driving while distracted by anything else (cell phones, applying makeup, eating) isn’t a good idea, and driving with a pet on your lap or an unsecured pet can be just as dangerous.

Some ideas to lower your risks:

  • Restrain your pet: think barriers. Consider installing a barrier in your car so that your pet can’t climb about and into the front seat. According to the article, only 17 percent of people restrain their dog while driving.
  • Pet seat belts. Be sure that the harness is properly adjusted and fitted to your pet’s body and run the seat belt through the back of the harness so that your pet is sitting in the car seat just like a human would. This is also much safer for your pet in the case of a car accident.
  • Put your pet in a carrier or booster seat.

It’s important to practice road safety when driving around with your pet, not only for your sake but for the safety of your beloved furry friend!

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