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Top 10 Most Expensive Claims for August

It’s interesting to see the most amount of the most expensive pet insurance claims gradually grow. Fortunately, with Trupanion there is no limits to how much you can claim. Once you’ve enrolled, you’re good to go! The following are the top most expensive individual claims for the month of August. (Some issues end up having multiple claims for a single incident in which the costs would be much greater when added up)

  1. Illness: Uroabdomen, severe sepsis and peritonitis
  2. Illness: Liver disease
  3. Accident: Rattlesnake bite
  4. Accident: Carpal/metacarpal hyperextension injuries R and L
  5. Illness: Esophageal stricture
  6. Accident: Slipped in kiddie pool – lameness
  7. Illness: Intervertebral disc disease
  8. Accident: Hit by car – elbow luxation
  9. Illness: Gastrointestinal system – liver biopsy
  10. Illness: Hip dysplasia

The cost of these claims ranged from $4,689.61 to $14,750.39. A single claim made pet insurance worth it for these pet owners!

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