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Trupanion Supports Dogs for Drug Free Schools

Dogs for Drug Free Schools
Cst. Bryan Zens and Koda

Each member of the Trupanion team strives to be an important part in his or her community. Karen Belanger, a Trupanion Territory Partner, is doing just that by supporting the Dogs for Drug Free Schools program in Lacombe, Alberta. Ms. Belanger is personally paying the pet insurance premiums for Koda, a dog in the program.

Koda is taken into Wolf Creek Schools in Lacombe to help police officers develop meaningful relationships with students. Koda is trained in drug detection and has proven to be effective in eductating students on the topic of drug use and possession. Thanks to Ms. Belanger, Koda will be covered in case of accidents or illnesses.

The following is a letter we received from Cst. Bryan Zens of the Lacombe Police Service regarding Ms. Belanger’s donation:

To:  Trupanion Management

This is in appreciation for the sponsorship of insurance for the K-9 Koda that represents the Dogs for Drug Free Schools program.  We were recently made aware that Karen Belanger has been personally paying for the sponsorship of Koda’s vet insurance.   The Lacombe Police Service and Wolf Creek School Division would like to forward our sincere gratitude for Karen’s support.  All the contributing sponsors play a huge role in the continued success and sustainability of the preventative program that is helping educate and impact hundreds of youth in the Wolf Creek School Division.

Since implementing Koda into the schools as a 8 week old puppy, she has won over the hearts of all the youth she encounters on a daily basis.  This fall we will put on many drug prevention presentations that include a power point and a presentation from myself incorporating Koda to demo drug searches; opening the door for dialogue between myself and the young audience.  Koda is a constant reminder to all the students that drugs aren’t welcome in our schools.

With Karen Belanger’s financial support for Koda’s vet insurance, she has played an important role in preventative programming in the Lacombe schools.  Her community spirit is appreciated!

Thank You,

Cst. Bryan Zens
Lacombe Police Service

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