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Trupanion Toy Review: Kyjen Rubba Tugs

Kyjen Rubba Tugs Toy

As some of you may seen last week, we did our first toy review thanks to Kyjen! If you missed last week’s post, check out Heather’s post about how much her dogs Ava and Jackson loved the Sally Squirrel Real Animal Squeaker Mat. A huge thank you again to Kyjen for sending us some great toys for our dogs to try out and play with.

Noticing the box of toys to choose from, my dog Batman immediately chose the exciting looking Rubba Tugs toy since he greatly enjoys anything and everything ring shaped and he adores playing tugs. When I first took the Rubba Tugs toy out, Batman’s eyes widened with excitement and he pounced at it right away. He grabbed the rubber ring and I grabbed the opposite end which has a nice loop where I was able to easily and comfortably grasp the toy. The rubber ring was great for him to get hold of and I really like the stretchy bungee like band that is connected to it for me to hold on to (just make sure to not hold it where it is aimed towards your face so if your dog happens lets go, you can avoid a collision). Batman loves to play tugs in general but I’ve never used a toy such as this and it was very nice to not have to keep my back uncomfortably bent while I played with him. The handle of the toy is really great because I was able to stand straight and still play with him for much longer than I normally would have with other toys that do not have a stretch band.

Since I can no longer purchase stuffed toys since Batman always un-stuff’s them, I am always on the lookout for fun and exciting new rubber toys for him. Seeing how he much he loves this new toy, it looks like it is a huge winner with my dog! If your dog loves to play tugs and enjoys rubber toys, the Rubba Tugs toy is a must have for pet owners and their dogs alike! You can find them on the Kyjen website in a variety of colors and stretch band shapes.

Final review:

  • Durability: 4/5 – (The rubber part is great because my dog can’t bite through it, however, he was able to put a small tear by biting the bungee portion).
  • Entertainment value: 5/5
  • Aesthetics: 5/5
  • Human enjoyment: 5/5 (Great for the human too because you can play tugs and not have to bend your back to play. Makes for a longer play session!

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