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October Photo Caption Contest: Honorable Mentions

This week, your task was to find a picture of your pet(s) and include a clever/witty/funny caption along with it. Rather than our usual random drawing giveaways, this week’s contest required a little bit of thought and creativity in order to win.

Well we saw a lot of cute pictures and great captions so it was very difficult choosing the winner. But our group voted on our favorite, and decided:

TOTAL DESTRUCTION ACCOMPLISHED... now time for a nap! - Erik M.

There were so many other great picture and caption combinations that we couldn’t leave them out, so we would like to give an honorable mention and virtual pat on the back to the following:

Please, I do NOT kiss on first date! - Yvonne F.

my turn for a snow angel.. - Sarah G.

Look Ma! No more baby teeth - Kanani L.

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2 Responses to October Photo Caption Contest: Honorable Mentions

  1. Yvonne says:

    These pictures are hilarious! There should be more contests like this in the future.

  2. Desire' Wall says:

    i still cant get over how funny my little ginger is trying to eat the vet tech braclet. you’ll be seeing tons more pics of my adorable baby’s princess pixie and ginger. Also again i wanted to thank you guys without your insurance my princess pixie would not be walking your the best insurance in the world and I have passed out over 100 flyers to differrent vets in my area along with pet stores with pixie story and how you guys saved the day and her knee

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