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Product Review: Kyjen Hard Boiled Softies

Hard Boiled Softies

Kyjen toy company sent us some awesome dog toys to review, and one of them was a sheep toy of the Hard Boiled Softies line. It’s a soft “squeak” toy with a tough interior that is meant for more aggressive chewers.

My dog Ellie loves plush toys and anything that squeaks, but she is also very destructive with them and loves to see how quickly she can “kill” the toy. So this sheep toy was refreshing because it seemed very sturdy, and also makes noise!

As soon as I held the toy out, Ellie immediately became excited as she does with most toys, with the look of “OMG GIMME!” on her face. She squeezed it about half way and became delighted at the fact that it makes noise. Then she gave it a full squeeze which let out a long loud whine, and she actually flinched a little. She definitely wasn’t expecting that sort of sound!

Playing with her new toy

As she got used to it, she kept chomping and squeezing and tossing it around the floor. This toy seems like a winner by her book! She did chew off one of the ears (Ellie likes to saw-tooth any little pieces that stick out). I later realized that the exterior is removable, but she wasn’t too thrilled about playing with a large hard rubber egg.

Overall ratings:
Durability: 5/5
Entertainment value: 5/5
Aesthetics: 5/5
Human enjoyment: 3/5

The toy was very fun for Ellie, but not the most fun for the humans when we are trying to watch TV. It’s quite a loud toy, so if you’re trying to relax, you’ll probably want to keep it up on a high shelf.

Want to win? Trupanion and Kyjen are giving away one Hard Boiled Softies toy!
To enter into the drawing: Comment on this blog post telling us what your dog’s first thoughts would be upon hearing that “squeak” sound. Only one comment per person please. Winner will be selected via random drawing.
Bonus: For an extra entry, post about this giveaway on Twitter! (be sure to mention Trupanion)
Winner will be drawn and announced by 4:30pm PST, Thursday October 7, 2010.

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24 Responses to Product Review: Kyjen Hard Boiled Softies

  1. Erik Ma says:

    My dog Chubby would totally go after this toy because it sounds just like the geese at the park that he tries so hard to chase down.

  2. Michelle says:

    She would cock her head and give me that WTF look and then come running for a closer look, tail wagging and tongue hanging out.

  3. debi ramsden says:

    My jack russell Gidget loves this….she throws it all over and loves chasing my two poms around with it. The noise sets her off. She can be down in the basement and if we step on it she comes running up so fast to get it. This is her favorite toy and we have to hide it from her or she would never stop playing with it!!! Great hit and washable which is great!! thanks!!

  4. Amber Meredith says:

    Bella’s first thought would be Mommy and Daddy loves me tons..
    * she would say this because we lost our home and bella and her son Moses had to be seperated. Moses is at the inlaws and Bella is at my Uncles ..so them being seperated for the first time is difficult..even more so since they can not see us all the time …. I Love my babies dearly and would do anything for them

  5. suzanne andrews says:

    Here we go mummy try and catch me!! betcha can’t,betcha can’t yipeeeeee I love this thing.

  6. Sherry Thomas says:

    Buddy would perk his ears, tilt his head and wag his lil nub with that “oh, oh, oh” look, then come trotting over to see what it was. He would carry it off into a corner to happily chomp on it and squeeze it for noise.

  7. Terri says:

    My two chocolate labs would go crazy for this toy! The fact that it squeeks and has a durable inside that would sustain their chewing is what appeals to me. When my male Duncan hears the squeek of any toy it makes him want it more- he would be jumping around like a bucking bronco!

  8. Paula Monaco says:


  9. linda latham says:

    My dog Buddy Love would say- I know your in there and I’m gonna get ya.

  10. Remington Pomerance says:

    I may be small,
    5 pounds is all

    but I sure love making my toys scream
    and I’d love to have this one on my team

    For when they squeak I bite them more
    If they don’t make noise I get real bored!

  11. Lauren E says:

    My dog would go nuts and then it would become his best friend. He loves new toys. The loofah toys drive him crazy, but he loves it.

  12. Marybeth says:

    I bite, it squeeks!
    I lay on it, it squeeks!
    I bite it again and again and again, it squeeks!
    I love this toy!

  13. Valerie says:

    My dog Frankie absolutely LOVES soft squeak toys. However, he is an obsessive chewer and has destroyed every toy I get him. I have bought some of the toughest toys with no success. When he hears the squeaky sound he runs around the house like crazy with it in his mouth, then pursues the squeaker until he rips it out. In which case the toy goes in the garbage lol. I really need a tough toy that he can enjoy.

  14. Kimi Magnus says:

    GIMME DAT!!! ARF! 🙂

  15. Cindi says:

    Any toy that doesn’t have the typical squeak gets an A+ from Evie. One ear up – one ear at half mast and eyes locking on target for the kill!

  16. Julie says:

    Kobe would stand on his hind legs begging for this toy! He ‘d love to play with it especially while we’re watching TV 😛

  17. Kiley Morgan says:

    My two Siberian huskies would go nuts over the squeak! The two of them become absolutely mesmerized if I squeak a toy. They stop anything they’re doing and sit and stare at me, begging me to let them have it. When I give it over to them, they playfully fight over it. Whichever one has it will make a point to squeak it extra loudly in order to make the other jealous. 🙂

  18. Brett G says:

    My chocolate lab would bring it right to my lap and demonstrate how to make it squeek in hopes that I would want to take it from her and then chase her 🙂

  19. YADIRA says:


  20. Christina says:

    My dog Sagira would perk her ears up. She loves ANYTHING that makes the squeak sound. Some owners get annoyed with it, but when my husband and I hear her squeaking her toys we just smile because we know how happy she is.

  21. Rachel says:

    my dog would go crazy and try to find where the noise was coming from!

  22. Beata says:

    I just played the video with my yorkie Brandon on my lap!!Hearing the weird squeak,he right away jumped up,licking the screen and barking at my laptop,and trying to find the squeaky toy behind it!!Too funny!!

  23. Jenna says:

    Wallie will love it and try to rip it apart to find the noise inside… but he apparently won’t find it- which would be AMAZING.

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