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Product Review: Kyjen Star Spinner

Over the past few weeks, we have been reviewing toys that pet company Kyjen kindly sent us. Our dogs have been having a blast! This week, I’m speaking about the Star Spinner which is a puzzle toy for dogs.

I’m a big fan of toys like these that require a little more time and thought from my dog, rather than search-and-destroy. This plastic toy is designed with 10 pockets for treats (five on each star point) and it can be spun closed so that the dog has to nudge it open and find the treats.

Initially, I filled in all of the spaces, but then realized that that would probably be too easy. So I picked about 3 different slots to place treats, closed the star, and set it on the floor.

Ellie checking out the Star Spinner for the first time

Ellie sniffed it for a moment, then started poking it with her nose (something she does with most new objects) which turned out to work to her advantage. The star slid open and she continued sniffing until she found the treats!

Each subsequent time that I refilled the toy, she would get it quicker and quicker. As it turns out, once your dog gets the hang of the toy, it really only takes about 15 seconds for them to find the treats and is not much of a challenge at all.

Overall ratings:
Durability: 5/5
Entertainment value: 2/5 – It really only lasted a few seconds each time I filled it with treats, so it definitely didn’t keep Ellie busy for long.
Aesthetics: 4/5
Human enjoyment: 5/5

Disclaimer: Kyjen provided this toy for us to test and review.

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