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Product Review: Kyjen Tail Teasers

One really fun dog toy that we received from Kyjen was the Tail Teaser which looks kind of like a fishing pole. It’s a long handle with a rope attached to the end, and a little squeaky skunk-like toy attached to the rope. And you thought these kinds of toys were only for cats… guess again!

Kyjen Tail Teasers toy

It turns out that Ellie really loved this thing!

Positives: It was a great way to get Ellie running around and panting without having to go to a big open field or dog park! I did it in the comfort of my apartment and it really wore her out. It was also very little effort on my part which was very nice. Also, she never lost interest, so she would keep going until she either: a) killed the squeaker, or b) I put the toy away.

Negatives: You need to be in a wide, open space. If there are other pets around, they may get run over by the pet chasing the toy, or if they are aggressive players, they may fight over the toy. Also, Ellie got very anxious because I wouldn’t let her get it, so it will definitely get your dog riled up!

Overall ratings:
Durability: 4/5 (if your dog gets hold of the squeak toy, it might be easily chewed up)
Entertainment value: 5/5
Aesthetics: 3/5 (the long pole makes it difficult to store)
Human enjoyment: 5/5

Disclaimer: Kyjen provided this toy for us to test and review.

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