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Alternate Ways to Spend Black Friday

two dogs at home

Today is the infamous, frantic shopping day, Black Friday. If you’re one of the brave souls that awakened before the crack of dawn to save five percent on a silverware set that you didn’t even need, then I salute you. But for the rest of us, many of us have the day off from work which means more time that we can spend with our pets! What are you going to do today? Here are a few pet-friendly ideas!

  • Snuggle up and watch a pet-friendly movie. It’s always fun to watch your dog’s head tilt or ears perk up when they hear or see a dog on TV. Plus, it’s nice to just veg out after having stuffed ourselves to the brim last night.
  • Play hide and seek with your pet. Have a family member hold onto your pet while you run away and hide somewhere in the house. Then see if they can find you!
  • Teach your pet a new trick!
  • Give Fido a bath. You must have gotten your free sample of John Paul pet shampoo by now (because, of course you donated to the National Canine Cancer Foundation, right?)
  • Bake some homemade pet treats! Try the pumpkin treats, or easy peanut butter treats.

What are you going to do today?

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