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Ben’s Pet Insurance Testimonial

Pet Name: Ben
Treated For: Lymph node and Gastrointestinal Biopsies for Vomiting/Diarrhea
Total Repaid: $3,468.77

A little over a month ago, my 9 month old German Shepherd puppy was attacked by another dog. After emergency surgery and drainage tubes, he had to go back to the vet three times for popped stitches. A few weeks later the wound was still not healing properly and they decided to do a bacterial culture to figure out what the problem was. We found out that my dog had contracted a methicillin resistant bacteria that was not responding to treatment. Our choices were few: 1) an injection I would have to give him twice a day that could cause his kidneys to shut down or 2) pills we would have to give him that are toxic to humans and could cause my own bone marrow to stop producing red blood cells. After thinking about our options, we decided to get a second opinion from UC Davis Veterinary Teaching Hospital. UC Davis world reknowned for having incredible veterinary care. After biopsies, blood work, and cultures they helped us make a decision on which antibiotic to give my Ben. Within 48 hours of starting this medication his wound had closed. The infection was very deep (only about 1.5mm away from his bone) so he will need to remain on antibiotics for another 2 months, but he is back to being a puppy again. I cannot stress to you how incredibly fortunate we were to have Trupanion insurance and not have to make medical decisions based on how much everything cost. There were times in the last few months where I was submitting insurance claims DAILY. Trupanion always responded quickly and always covered exactly what they said they would – 90%. I am a volunteer and adoption counselor for German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California. My fellow members have been so supportive of the difficult times that I have been going through with my dog; this morning when I sent them an e-mail to let them know how wonderful he was doing now, I had to mention Trupanion and how wonderful our experience was.

-Jennafer H.

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